Collection: NT Boar skulls

Our boar skulls are something to behold! Normally discarded the boar skull is amazingly impressive when finished in one of our hand painted custom finishes.

Perfect for displaying on a bar or bench or using as a book end!

All skulls are thoroughly processed and undergo several different phases during the six months of preparation. This ensures that each skull is as free from natural body fats as possible and eliminating odour.

Feral pigs are one of Australia's most serious feral pests due to predation, habitat destruction, competition and disease.

Pigs root for food - uprooting the ground for plant material - which is very destructive to the environment and compete with native species for food as they eat a variety of plants, small animals and invertebrates.

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  • Hand painted ‘rusted’ boar skull
    Hand painted ‘rusted’ boar skull
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